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To find the right piece of jewellery can sometimes be bewildering. Not only is it a matter of finding the right design that expresses the right messages and is suitable for the occasion, it’s also a matter of choosing the perfect gemstone.

Diamonds can be particularly daunting as there are so many factors that impact the quality of its appearance. Knowing what to look for and understanding the main characteristics will help when choosing.

Diamonds – The 4 C's.

When you choose David Dudley, we guarantee that your piece will only consist of the best quality diamonds and certificated diamonds.

What's more, you'll also benefit from our 4 C's promise too.


The cut determines the shape of the diamond but more importantly how the diamond reflects and refracts light. The cut creates the sparkle. We stock a wide selection of cuts including brilliant, marquise, baguette, princess, pear and a range of exciting fancy cuts.


The best diamonds are the ones that are as pure white as possible. We grade all of our diamonds using a letter system, with D representing the purest white. In addition to white diamonds, we can also source naturally coloured diamonds such yellow, blue and pink.


Clarity relates to the purity of a diamond. The clearer and flawless the diamond is, the more valuable it is as a stone. The clarity of a diamond is graded using abbreviations describing how clear the stone is, which we can help you identify.


The carat refers to the weight of a diamond. Dimensions and cut can make equally sized stones appear different and settings can make it difficult to estimate the weight of a diamond. We're always happy to source a weight suited to your budget.

The 5th C.

The David Dudley 5th C stands for Confidence. All our diamonds come from conflict free sources and reputable dealers we have a long standing relationship with.

Our finest diamonds.

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